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College Football Recruiting Information

This is the link to our College Football Recruiting Form


This form was created to help our athletes get more exposure and connect them directly with college recruiters through us (instead of relying on their own efforts). We can't promise anything when it comes to offers (or locations) but it will create more opportunities for those who have good grades, consistently lift, and have football highlights to back it all up. 


Please do not fill out this form with the approach of "just to do it and see what happens". Players and parents/guardians should sit down and complete this form together to ensure everything is correct and up to date. View this as a first impression for college recruiters. 


If a player has not had a conversation with myself or the coaching staff about their desire to play collegiately, we strongly suggest they do. It's difficult for us to predict how a player will grow and develop over their high school career but we can provide them feedback on what they need to work on before they pursue playing at the next level. 


Please note, we don't want to crush any of our players' dreams - but we have to be realistic when it comes to schools and opportunities. If someone hasn't played varsity football, and doesn't pass the D1 eye test (example: 6'4" 220)...USC might not be an option. There are several excellent D2, D3, & NAIA schools that need good players to develop while providing quality education and future direction.

Please visit the following website(s) to better understand the academic requirements to play college football at the various levels:


(D1, D2, & D3)


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