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CENTER: Lester Scroup (1921-24) a three year starting Center for the Mountaineers. Scroup was also a member of the defense that gave up only 1 touchdown and 2 Field Goals throughout the regular season and was declared to be the champions of King, Pierce & Kittitas Counties. Lester Scroup was selected as the Center for the “All-County Team” as a Sophomore, Junior & Senior. Lester Scroup continued his football career at Central Washington University where he was a two year starter for the Wildcats at Center & Linebacker. In the four years he played for CWU, the Wildcats went 22-7. In the two years he started for them, they went 14-3.

GUARD: Gene Baker (1950-53) was selected to play in the 1951 All-State game. He blocked for Gene Brooks who currently stands tied for 10th longest run in team history with a 75 yard TD run. Gene Baker also blocked for the 10th longest pass in team history. He started at Guard for the Mountaineers every game but one where due an ineligible player, he was moved to Quarterback where he ran for a 68 yard touchdown and passed for a 46 yard touchdown. While at Washington State College he was on the Offensive Line that blocked for Bob Newman, WSC QB who is still listed at 8th All Time for TD passes in a season and who in 1957 led the nation in total offense. At WSC, he blocked on line that had Jack Fanning catch 9 receiving touchdowns, placing him tied for 8th all time for the Cougars.

GUARD: Nick Newton (1997-99) was selected to the All State game in 1999. Nick Newton was named Most Valuable Player for the Pierce County League. Started on 1998 Hornet team that ended up 5th in State. Nick Newton’s 76 tackles as a Senior place him in 4th place overall for career tackles by a Defensive Lineman. Newton blocked for Andy Hahto who leads the Hornets with 1,505 yards rushing in a season, stands 3rd all-time with career rushing yards and 3rd for yards rushing in a game and is tied for 3rd for Rushing Touchdowns in a season. Nick Newton was a four year letter winner at the University of Washington, three year starter on the Offensive Line where he played both Tackle & Guard. In 2002 Nick Newton was named John P. Angel Lineman of the Year (offense), that award is given to the best Offensive Lineman on the team.

TACKLE: Thron Riggs (1935-38) a three year starter on the Offensive Line for the Mountaineers where he played Tackle. Thron Riggs was also a three year varsity letter winner at the University of Washington where he played both Offensive Tackle and Defensive Tackle. In 1942, while playing at the UW Thron Riggs was the Guy Flaherty Award winner, the University of Washington’s oldest and most prestigious award given to the most inspirational player on the team. Thron Riggs is the only player from White River history to play professional football which he did for the Boston Yanks in 1944.

TACKLE: Jay Jacobs (1975-77) was nominated for this All-Time list by former coaches who classified him as an “all time great lineman”. Jacobs was a three year starter who was praised for his speed, aggressive attitude and ability to dominate on both sides of the line of scrimmage. He blocked for Greg Kaelin when he rushed for the 3rd most touchdowns in a career and the 10th most yards rushing in a game. As a junior, he blocked for Dave Smith as he ran for the 5th most yards in a season. As a defensive lineman, he stands second all time for sacks in a game and third all time for sacks in a season.

QUARTERBACK: Mike Kruse (1992-94) Classified by a former coach as not having the greatest set of physical tools of any QB to come through WRHS, but more than any other, as having more ability to find a way to win a game than any other QB who came through WRHS. Kruse holds the record for most pass attempts in a career (473), is 2nd for most completions in a career (241) and second all time for most yards passing in a career (3,204 yards). Also stands third for touchdown passes in a career (30). First team QB PCL Ridge Division as a senior.

WIDE RECEIVER: Sean McNulty (2002-04) A tough Wide Receiver, McNulty was a key target in the 2004 playoff team. He holds the record for receiving yards in a career with 1,293 and stands third all-time with 807 yards receiving in a season. He caught the longest reception in team history at 82 yards. McNulty is 2nd all time with 14 touchdown receptions in a career and is 2nd all-time with 11 receptions in a game, and holds the record for most receptions in a season with 69 and most receptions in a career with 101. The next closest receiver is 18 receptions behind him. McNulty continued his career playing for CWU.

WIDE RECEIVER: Andrew Banks (1999-01) A dangerous receiver, Banks is the only Wide Receiver listed three times for longest pass completion: 79, 74 & 73 yards. He has the 2nd longest punt return in team history at 70 yards and he holds the record for most touchdown receptions for a career with 31. As a matter of fact, Banks stands 1st & 3rd for most touchdown receptions in a season with 14 as a senior and 13 as a junior. He also stands 3rd all time for most yards receiving in a career with 1,048.

RUNNING BACK: Bob Ross (1940-42) One of the Mountaineer greats, Bob Ross was an all around athlete who was dangerous anywhere on the field. Ross had a 65 yard punt return. In another game against Renton, Ross ran for a 50 yard TD, caught a pass for a 35 yard TD, threw a touchdown pass and returned an interception from 2 yards deep in his own end zone for a 102 yard TD. Bob Ross does not appear in the Records section of the webpage as often as he should because we do not have all his stats, as the newspaper did not specify who scored in every game (including one 52 point blowout). Bob Ross is also the only player from this team to have an interception in the Apple Cup when he was playing Defensive Back for the Cougars. When you talk to the fans of Mountaineer football, this is the name that comes up!

RUNNING BACK: Keenan Fagan (2012-14) A three year starter for the Hornets, Fagan holds the record for most yards rushing in a season and is second in yards rushing for a career. He has the most rushing touchdowns in a season, is tied for 1st for most rushing touchdowns in a game and is 3rd for most rushing touchdowns in a career. He has the 5th longest pass reception in team history and stands 5th all time for tackles in a season. He was an All State selection as a Senior and was voted the League MVP.

RUNNING BACK: Tad Covey (1989–91) Covey was a first team selection to the Pierce County League as both a Running Back and Defensive Back. Weighing only 145 pounds as a senior, Covey was a fearless runner who stands 1st in team history for most yards rushing in a career (2,410 yards) and 1st in team history for most touchdowns in a career (27), a record more impressive when you realize that he scored 7 as a sophomore, 8 as a junior and 12 as a senior to show his consistent talent and overall reliability.

The following players were also nominated for the All-Time Offensive team. Their effort, dedication & talent certainly place them among the elite players in this team's history.


Charles Lappenbusch (1923-1926)

Andy Lazor (1941-1944)

Randy Mullins (1964-1966)

Rob Smith (1989-1991)

Trevor Weingard (1991-1993)

Leif Hansen (2003-2005)

Scott Rose (2010-2011)


Don Hodder (1922-1924)

Kenny Hannus (1941-1944)

Bill Evans (1977-1979)

Jesse Gran (1998-2000)

Brad Addink (2000-2002)


Art Svidran (1942-1945)

Gary Sambila (1947-1950)

Fred West (1947-1950)

Mark Ross (1963-1965)

Doug Mullins (1966-1968)

Greg Baker (1970-1972)

Greg Kaelin (1975-1977)

Andy Hahto (1997-1998)


Dave Smith (1943-1945)

Rick Scott (1989-1991)

Todd Jensen (1998-2000)

Bo Hubbard (2001-2003)

Jason Gran (2001-2003)

Michael Madden (2007-2009)

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