The payment and registration deadline for Football camp is Wednesday, May 31st!
The registration fee for the Fife Camp is $60 per player and can be paid online (go to Items at Student's School, Athletics, Summer and scroll down to the bottom to select Football-Fife Camp) or by cash or check at the ASB Office at school. Whether paying online or in person, the registration form needs to be turned in to me by May 31st! Click on the image to the right to print a pdf copy of the registration form.

EWU Invite Camp 6/21-6/24                   South Sound/Fife Camp 6/26-6/28



- This will take you to the log in screen for the online payment system. Log in using your Family Access username and password.
- Click on “Pay Online” under “Quick Links”s, Summer and scroll down to the bottom to select Football-Fife Camp

***Eastern Invite Camp - you may log into the system and choose your player, then click the "view" button inside the red box and will be able to see and pay the fee


The coaching staff is excited for the opportunities that this camp will provide for the team and pleased that you have shown the dedication, determination and Hornet Strong qualities that have earned you this invitation to camp. As we prepare to leave, there are a few things you need to know ahead of time:


►We will leave WRHS on Wednesday, June 21st at 6:00 AM. Each player will need to get a ride to WRHS and be dropped off by the gym. It is strongly advised that players do not leave parked cars in the WRHS student parking lot. Each player should pack a breakfast for the road. We will stop for bathroom breaks, but will not be stopping for food on the way to EWU.


►It’s a long bus ride to Cheney and much of it has poor cell phone coverage. Bring a book, or something to do on the ride to Cheney and back.


►We are transporting thirty fully equipped football players, six coaches & the personal items that thirty-six people will need for four days of camp on one school bus. Space is an issue, please keep that in mind as you are packing.


►It is your responsibility to make sure you have all your gear, including a fitted mouthpiece. There is no place to find replacement gear in Cheney and EWU is prevented from providing football gear for camp participants to use. You will not be allowed to participate in camp unless you are properly equipped. No refunds will be provided for campers who are not properly equipped.


►We will be staying in the dorms. College dorms are not hotels. The rooms will have a bed frame, mattress, desk, chair and dresser; that’s it!

●You will need to bring your own bedding or a sleeping bag and a pillow.

●You will need to bring toiletries, towels and shower shoes.

●You will need to bring a sweatshirt for the evenings.

**Cheney can get hot, very hot; and there is no shade on the practice facilities. You will need sunscreen.


►Meals are included with the price of camp, but there are also opportunities to buy snacks, Gatorades and purchase EWU merchandise on campus. If you want to take advantage of this, you will need additional spending money.


►You and your roommate will have keys to lock up your dorm room when you are at practice and meals, but it is strongly recommended that you leave valuables at home as there will be hundreds of people in the dorms at the same time we are there.


►Each class will need to prepare a presentation to make one night at camp:


  1. What are the qualities you want in a leader?

    You need to gather as a group and discuss this ahead of time. Who will be the leader to organize this?


  1. What goals you want for the team in the 2017 season?

       You need to gather in a group and discuss this ahead of time. Who will be the leader to organize this?


You have to make your shield and present it to the team. This needs to be completed before we leave for camp and cannot be on paper. It needs to be on cardboard, wood or anything other than a sheet of paper you grabbed at the last moment. It should be divided in three sections and decorated as follows:

  1. What do you want on your headstone for people to remember you by?

  2. Who is your role model?

  3. A personal, non-football goal you have.

►We anticipate returning to WRHS around 6:00 PM on Saturday, June 24th.

-Coach Z & Staff

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