I'm a husband, father and teacher. My wife Julie and I just bought a home in Buckley and after 15 years of teaching in this district, we are finally proud to call Buckley home.  Our son Jack will be a kindergartener at Mountain Meadow this year and can usually be found in the stands on a Friday night, sitting alongside his mother, cheering on the Hornets.  


I get to teach AP US History, US History and AVID at WRHS and really cannot believe that I can actually spend my day talking about US History and getting kids ready for college.  Since I was a boy, history and especially US History has been a passion of mine.  If your kids take my class, they will learn that I make no apologies for this.  I'm a complete "history nerd" and proud of it! 

Our life at home with a six year old revolves around Batman, Legos, WRCAP games and playing catch in the back yard.  I'm also getting interested in photography and still trying to figure out how to control aperture and shutter speed to make the camera do what I want it to do.  Once again, I've made the promise to myself that as soon as football season is over, I will turn my attention back to photography.


Recently, I've found the perfect blend of my interests for both football and history while researching the background of this team; I would love to talk to former players about the history of Hornet football.  It is my goal to bring back to light as much history as I can about this team and continue uploading that history to the webpage for everyone to read.  I have assembled a large collection of game programs, playbooks, photographs and game jerseys - all of which have been donated to the team for its archives.  If you have any Hornet memorabilia sitting in a closet you would like to contribute to the team's archives, I'd love to add either your originals or copies to the team's collection!



In 2013, the unquestioned team to beat in the league was Fife and the pair of highly recruited linemen they were suiting up. We went to their stadium and with a dominating performance shut them down. It was, without a doubt, the most complete defensive performance I’ve ever had the opportunity to be part of. Our Defensive Coordinator, Coach Fagan, put us in a position to control the game the entire night, the kids made all the right reads and used all the right techniques to decisively win a game that no one in the league thought we would win. Later that night, we got a message from another head coach in the league who said, “You guys turned the whole league on its ear tonight.”  Messages like that don’t happen often.  It was a great night and a better team win!



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