The WRFB Booster Club recently invested in the Sport Scope Edge Replay program for our 2017 season and beyond.  We are so excited to have launched the system at practice this week with the players and coaching staff as a pre-season preview.  Not only are we thrilled with the high-def video that we’re capturing with our new system (and will upload to the Hudl website after each game), but the instant review application is already complementing our football program.
In a basic overview, our video team records plays via the booth/sideline camera and the end zone camera, using our management system.

The system instantly adds those videos to our private encrypted network and wirelessly streams them directly to tablets the coaches and players can access on the sideline and on the field. 

Not only does our program benefit from play-by-play informed game adjustments with use on the sidelines, but film can also be streamed during half-time and then again any time after the game via the hudl website.  Armed with insights gleaned from the wireless instant replay, our team can take control of the game from the first snap and address mismatches and missed assignments by making the right adjustments to finish #HORNETSTRONG immediately, rather than waiting to review post-game.  The advantage is immediate feedback for the coaches and players. 
After using the new technology for the past season, we can tell you the program is running as it should and already benefiting our team.  Our players are fascinated with being able to review each drive.  The coaches have embraced the system and one of our coaches commented that he was very excited to be able to review the plays immediately with our athletes and adjust as needed.  Having visual proof of the mechanics of each play is very exciting!

We are so excited for the upcoming season and this opportunity to make such great technology available to our team! 


Sport SCope Edge Replay

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