YEARS AS A HORNET   33 Years as Player & Coach

I am a proud husband, father and grandfather. My wife Bonnie who runs an in home daycare as coaches the White River Cheer team and I raised our five children in Wilkeson. Both Bonnie and I and all five of our kids Brenden, Brandon, Brandy, Breezy and Bryan are graduates of White River.


I retired from teaching at WRHS in 2013 after a great career teaching Math & PE at both the high school and middle school. Before joining the WRHS football staff, I was the head coach at WRMS. At the present time, besides coaching football I coach wrestling at Glacier Middle School.


In our spare time, Bonnie and I love to spend time with our kids or grand kids. We love to be outside being active. When we are not at a grandchild’s ball game, play or event we love to spend time at the ocean. On Friday nights, you can usually find us at a high school sporting event.



It was a Friday night, back in 1972, when our hair was long, and our jerseys were short; we were playing the Sumner Spartans at Spartan Stadium. It was a rainy, muddy and miserable night for the spectators, but a great night for playing football. There were three seconds left in the game and the Hornets led by one point; Sumner was going to try for a field goal for the win when the Spartan kicker could not find the kicking block along the muddy sideline. The Spartan coach looked around, reached inside the first aid kit and pulled out a band aid box.


On the Hornet sideline, Coach Funk saw the Spartan kicker head out onto the field with the box in his hand, Funk figured out what was going on and knew darn well those old metal band aid boxes got slippery when wet so he called a time out and let the rain go to work on that box. With the game on the line and a muddy, wet band aid box at the center of the action, Coach Funk screamed onto the field not to jump off sides. Well, we did and the ball moved closer to the goal posts. On the other hand, that metal box just kept getting wet.


Sumner lined up again and White River jumped offsides again. The ball moved closer to the goal posts and that box got wetter. With that, Sumner lined up for a third try at the game winning field goal, the snap was good but when the holder went to place the ball on the block, it slipped off into the mud and White River won the game; what a memory!!!

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